120 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jay feb0b0927a feat(informer): :sparkles: add villager profession details 1 year ago
  jay 8276e68489 feat(informer): :sparkles: add block info based on relative position for players 1 year ago
  jay 2b7163bef3 feat(informer): :sparkles: add block info based on other players 1 year ago
  jay a0b4641f37 feat(informer): :sparkles: add entity detail by type and kind for some entities 1 year ago
  jay 186d6ac3d2 feat(informer): :children_crossing: add more detail to entity info 1 year ago
  jay 984c9490c3 fix(informer): :goal_net: make `player` undefined if nul 1 year ago
  jay 3379f75ab9 feat(informer): :children_crossing: make entity search case insensitive 1 year ago
  jay 69b1ab0b0b feat(informer): :sparkles: add reverse mcdata lookup by block or item id 1 year ago
  jay 3c9d62441f feat(informer): :sparkles: add block info based on player's relative position 1 year ago
  jay 665102e19c fix(informer): :ambulance: remove extra `let cfg` declaration left over from refactor 1 year ago
  jay db459f52e6 fix(informer): :pencil2: fix typo in `isVec3` check function 1 year ago
  jay 360eeff02f feat(informer): :sparkles: add item info based on player 1 year ago
  jay 25faac2f4c feat(informer): :sparkles: add command `me` for block info based on player position 1 year ago
  jay ccf0c598e8 feat(informer): :sparkles: add block info based on player position or manually provided coords 1 year ago
  jay 050e2b3bd9 feat(informer): :children_crossing: add sub-command for module level quiet 1 year ago
  jay e879d1f4ad refactor(informer): :recycle: reorder config loading 1 year ago
  jay df193da779 feat(command): :construction: add stub for `bot._client` events 1 year ago
  jay 269d258763 feat(command): :sparkles: use a simpler text based system for receiving server commands 1 year ago
  jay cbb105fe49 fix(command): :children_crossing: make bot address regex (prefix) more lenient 1 year ago
  jay 356f83e39b fix(command): :alien: fix `whisper` event api change with an extra parameter 1 year ago
  jay 5b3804893b feat(command): :sparkles: fix to show web (including extra [MODE]) messages 1 year ago
  jay 9f6fea2423 feat(command): :loud_sound: add system (non-chat) messages to console log 1 year ago
  jay 3686bab167 fix: :bug: fix plugin reload for multi-file/dir based plugins 1 year ago
  jay e0c477a46f feat: :hammer: make `fs.watch` recursive, so it `reloadplugin` works also on directories 1 year ago
  jay 6046123074 build: :arrow_up: update deps 1 year ago
  jay ae1f7cf269 feat: :wrench: extract the hardcoded admin and mod list out into environment variables 1 year ago
  jay afd2e002df feat(mover): :sparkles: add new pathfinder Movements 1 year ago
  jay 3c5ec6b360 fix(mover): :pencil2: fix `!go up` moving left instead 1 year ago
  jay b71728e503 feat(mover): :sparkles: add Mule to ridable mobs 1 year ago
  jay d001280383 fix: :goal_net: fix a plugin loading error 1 year ago
  jay f50e388c39 feat: :loud_sound: fix path in plugin reload log so that it actually works 1 year ago
  jay 135ce6567b fix(mover): :bug: attempt to fix move while riding vehicle 1 year ago
  jay e5803eee59 fix(mover): :pencil2: fix missed variable during rename 1 year ago
  jay 1b21fcb096 refactor(mover): :recycle: use a better name for default move 1 year ago
  jay 4b3e58ceb3 fix(mover): :bug: attempt to fix move while riding vehicle 1 year ago
  jay 8e854a0a2f refactor(mover): :loud_sound: improve debug logging code 1 year ago
  jay c42a3a2304 feat(mover): :sparkles: add an action to move / run away from an entity or goal 1 year ago
  jay b453b7d6bd feat(mover): :wheelchair: add shortcuts and aliases for the jump command 1 year ago
  jay 6b79f1fc60 refactor(plugins): :recycle: change plugin load order 1 year ago
  jay 6e1ef5aada refactor(statemachine): :mute: remove debug 1 year ago
  jay e2ae7e5ad2 fix(statemachine): :pencil2: fix SM action function sending Lower instead of Upper case commands 1 year ago
  jay 42138a421b fix(statemachine): :goal_net: fix for lookatPlayer when no or invalid player 1 year ago
  jay aded1e4193 style: :art: fix crlf -> lf for real this time, using .gitattributes 1 year ago
  jay 60394e38eb refactor: :recycle: replace `add` with `vec3.offset` 1 year ago
  jay 22490f7ec1 fix(command): :bug: fix bot address regex returning undefined 1 year ago
  jay 72c4622091 feat(informer): :sparkles: various improvements and fixes 1 year ago
  jay 0757776d8b feat(command): :art: make botaddress prefix and regex more flexible and configurable 1 year ago
  jay a0ffaf1654 build(typescript): :rotating_light: add @types dep to satisfy typescript errors 1 year ago
  jay 1597acca72 fix(eater): :goal_net: catch async error on full food 1 year ago
  jay 1e82045221 build: :arrow_up: update deps 1 year ago