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  Tanner Collin 3f774a9e38 Improve logging 1 month ago
  Tanner Collin dcedd4caa1 Add script to reindex search, abstract search API 1 month ago
  Tanner Collin 7a131ebd03 Change the order by which content-type is grabbed 8 months ago
  Tanner Collin 6f64401785 Add optional skip and limit to API route 9 months ago
  Tanner Collin 3ff917e806 Remove colons from date string so Python 3.5 can parse 10 months ago
  Tanner Collin c9fb9bd5df Add Lobsters to feed 10 months ago
  Tanner Collin fd9c9c888d Update gitignore 10 months ago
  Tanner Collin 42dcf15374 Increase sqlite lock timeout 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin d8a0b77765 Blacklist sec.gov website 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 9a279d44b1 Add header to get content type 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin e506804666 Clean code up 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin ca78a6d7a9 Move feed and Praw config to settings.py 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 7acce407e9 Fix index.html indentation 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 5281672000 Fix noscript font color 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin e59acefda9 Remove Whoosh 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin cbc802b7e9 Try Hackernews API twice 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 4579dfce00 Improve logging 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 0d16bec6f6 Fix table width CSS 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin feba8b7aa0 Make qotnews work with WaPo 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin ee5105743d Upgrade readability 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 72802a6fcf Show exerpt of hidden comments 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 99d3a234f4 Fix bug with rendering text nodes 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin f95df227f1 Add instructions to download search server 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin b82095ca7a Add buttons to collapse / expand comments 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 992c1c1233 Monkeypatch earlier 11 months ago
  Tanner Collin 88d2216627 Add a script to delete a story 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 6cf2f01b08 Adjust feeds 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 607573dd44 Add buttons to convert <pre> to <p> 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin c554ecd890 Add a line on UI to make search results obvious 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 6576eb1bac Adjust content-type request timeout 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 472af76d1a Adjust port 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 4727d34eb6 Delete displayed-attributes when init search 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 0e086b60b8 Remove business subreddit from feed 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin b46ce36c63 Update requirements 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 9a449bf3ca Remove extra logging 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 0bd9f05250 Fix crash when HN feed fails 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 9c116bde4a Remove document img and ignore r/technology 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin ebedaef00b Tune search rankings and attributes 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin d7f0643bd7 Add more logging 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin eb1137299d Remove article numbers 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 72d4a68929 Remove pre-fetching image 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin f1c846acd0 Remove get first image 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 850b30e353 Add requests timeouts and temporary logging 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin d614ad0743 Integrate with external MeiliSearch server 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin f46cafdc90 Integrate sqlite database with server 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 873dc44cb1 Update whoosh migration script 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 1fb9db3f4b Store ref list in database too 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin b923908a45 Begin initial sqlite conversion 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin dbdcfaa921 Check if cache is broken 1 year ago
  Tanner Collin 8799b10525 Fall back to ref on manual submission title 1 year ago