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Mosfet Minecraft Bot

How to Grab Supplies

a single barrel with two double chests above it

Mosfet will automatically grab supplies he needs to do his job from nearby barrels. Before starting the job, he will check each barrel for related supplies and grab some depending on the job. He will recheck the barrels for supplies periodically to try and get more.

If he can't find any barrels, he will try to continue doing the job anyway. If his inventory is too full, he will skip grabbing supplies.

Advanced Details

The global g.maximum_supply_slots in controls the maximum amount of used slots allowed while grabbing supplies.

In, each job sets the dictionary to specify what items to grab and how many. Here's an example: = {
	tuple([items.PUMPKIN_ID]): (64, 3),

This tells Mosfet to grab three stacks of pumpkins if he ever has less than 64.