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Mosfet Minecraft Bot

How to Cache Items

a single trapped chest with three normal double chests under it

Mosfet will automatically dump items into the closest trapped chest once his inventory gets full enough. Normally this is when the number of used inventory slots is >= 27.

If Mosfet can't find a trapped chest nearby, he will place down a normal chest if he has one in his inventory. Then he will store the items in it.

Mosfet won't cache items related to his current job. For example, if he's farming wood, he will keep axes, beds, chests, and food.

Advanced Details

The global g.minimum_cache_slots in controls the minimum amount of used slots needed to trigger item caching.

In, each job calls items.set_wanted() and items.set_needed() to control which items Mosfet shouldn't cache. No items in the “needed” list will be cached and all items in the “wanted” list—except for one stack of each—will be cached. The “needed” list is meant for essentials like tools, food, and beds, while the “wanted” list is for stuff that's good to have a stack of like seeds and saplings.