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CareMyWay Client

Generated using create-react-app.

Quickstart (Development)

  • Ensure the server is up and running locally.
  • Install dependencies with yarn install
  • Run the client with yarn start

Now you can visit localhost:3000 from your browser.

Environment Variables

The environment variables are embedded during the build time. For more information, please refer to the docs.

Environment Variable Default Value Description
REACT_APP_API_ENDPOINT "http://localhost:8000" Server API endpoint
REACT_APP_REDUX_LOGGING Set any value for Redux logging


To build the production instance of this application, run the following:

export REACT_APP_API_ENDPOINT="" && yarn build

# then, to serve the production site locally
yarn global add serve
serve -s build --port 3000


To test the react app, call yarn test.