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from datetime import datetime
import errno
import logging
import os
from pathlib import PurePath
from stat import S_IFDIR, S_IFREG
from threading import Event, Thread
from time import sleep
from fuse import FuseOSError, LoggingMixIn, Operations
import iso8601
from requests.exceptions import ConnectionError
from itemmanager import ItemManager
class StandardNotesFUSE(LoggingMixIn, Operations):
def __init__(self, sn_api, sync_sec, path='.'):
self.item_manager = ItemManager(sn_api)
self.notes = self.item_manager.get_notes()
self.uid = os.getuid()
self.gid = os.getgid()
now =
self.dir_stat = dict(st_mode=(S_IFDIR | 0o755), st_ctime=now,
st_mtime=now, st_atime=now, st_nlink=2,
st_uid=self.uid, st_gid=self.gid)
self.note_stat = dict(st_mode=(S_IFREG | 0o644), st_ctime=now,
st_mtime=now, st_atime=now, st_nlink=1,
st_uid=self.uid, st_gid=self.gid)
self.sync_sec = sync_sec
self.run_sync = Event()
self.stop_sync = Event()
self.sync_thread = Thread(target=self._sync_thread)
def init(self, path):
def destroy(self, path):
self._sync_now()'Stopping sync thread.')
return 0
def _sync_thread(self):
while not self.stop_sync.is_set():
manually_synced = self.run_sync.wait(timeout=self.sync_sec)
if not manually_synced:'Auto-syncing items...')
sleep(0.1) # fixes race condition of quick create() then write()
except ConnectionError:
logging.error('Unable to connect to sync server. Retrying...')
def _sync_now(self):
def _path_to_note(self, path):
pp = PurePath(path)
note_name =[1]
self.notes = self.item_manager.get_notes()
note = self.notes[note_name]
return note, note['uuid']
def getattr(self, path, fh=None):
if path == '/':
return self.dir_stat
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
st = self.note_stat
st['st_size'] = len(note['text'])
st['st_ctime'] = iso8601.parse_date(note['created']).timestamp()
st['st_mtime'] = iso8601.parse_date(note['modified']).timestamp()
return st
except KeyError:
raise FuseOSError(errno.ENOENT)
def readdir(self, path, fh):
dirents = ['.', '..']
if path == '/':
return dirents
def read(self, path, size, offset, fh):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
return note['text'][offset : offset + size]
def truncate(self, path, length, fh=None):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
text = note['text'][:length]
self.item_manager.write_note(uuid, text)
return 0
def write(self, path, data, offset, fh):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
text = note['text'][:offset] + data
self.item_manager.write_note(uuid, text)
except UnicodeError:
logging.error('Unable to parse non-unicode data.')
raise FuseOSError(errno.EIO)
return len(data)
def create(self, path, mode):
path_parts = path.split('/')
note_name = path_parts[1]
# disallow hidden files (usually editor / OS files)
if note_name[0] == '.':
logging.error('Creation of hidden files is disabled.')
raise FuseOSError(errno.EPERM)
now = datetime.utcnow().isoformat()[:-3] + 'Z' # hack
self.item_manager.create_note(note_name, now)
return 0
def unlink(self, path):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
return 0
def mkdir(self, path, mode):
logging.error('Creation of directories is disabled.')
raise FuseOSError(errno.EPERM)
def utimens(self, path, times=None):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(path)
return 0
def rename(self, old, new):
note, uuid = self._path_to_note(old)
new_path_parts = new.split('/')
new_note_name = new_path_parts[1]
self.item_manager.rename_note(uuid, new_note_name)
return 0
def chmod(self, path, mode):
logging.error('chmod is disabled.')
raise FuseOSError(errno.EPERM)
def chown(self, path, uid, gid):
logging.error('chown is disabled.')
raise FuseOSError(errno.EPERM)
def readlink(self, path):
return 0
def rmdir(self, path):
return 0
def symlink(self, target, source):
return 0